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Demi McMahon


Singer, songwriter and musician Demi McMahon is one of Scotland’s quickest growing upbeat and colourful artists. She not only grabs people’s attention with her warm, caring personality, but she also captivates listeners all around the globe with her smooth, power pop energy and mesmerising vocals.

With a love of music from a young age, Demi would always pick up a microphone or a hairbrush *which she now uses to back comb her vivacious hair" and sing around the house as she grew up listening to a variety of artists in the household while living with her mum and dad. over time and dedication, she went on to sing in school talent shows, which was when she knew with certainty that she wanted to pursue a career singing and performing.

From then Demi has had a great repertoire of memorable events over 10 years showcasing her powerful Pop voice at gigs  such as, Pride Festivals, King Tut's, Celtic Park Football stadium, Finalist Open Mic Uk competition, BBC Scotland Tv Show, Supported Stevie McCrorie on his Scottish Tour.

In Demi's Personal life she cares in the NHS in a local hospital in which she has given her time and heartfelt compassion to many, as well as singing at charity events for causes such as Samaritans, Macmillan Cancer and private events for kids with cancer also.


Demi has her own material released, showcasing her latest colourful album "Rainbow Remedy" and out on the road Demi has been on a Scottish Tour promoting her newest tracks while gaining a larger supportive following in the process.

Demi is now back in the studio with a numerous amount of gigs booked for the next busy 4 months of this year and looking forward to what the following year brings music wise.

The dedication is real.

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Here are a list of some of the bands achievements so far:

  • Appearances at Pride Festivals

  • Singing at Celtic Park Stadium

  • Finalist - Open Mic UK competition

  • BBC Scotland TV Show appearance

  • Supported Stevie McCrorie on Scottish Tour

  • Appearance on STV for the Release of "Loved and Lost"


And there is a lot more to follow...... 

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